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Fast Lane Head Work is the only specialist Harley Davidson head porting shop in the UK, and is dedicated to bringing you the very best in performance products and services for Harley Davidson Twin Cam, Evo & Sportster engines.

My name's Alex and I've been around bikes for 39 years 19 of which have been spent riding and maintaining Harleys. My interest in engine air flow began a few years ago as I started to move from service work into the performance aspect of modern Harley Davidson engines. A short while after starting the business in 2008 I was invited to the V Twin Expo in Cincinnatti USA where I met the legendary Joe Mondello. A few months later I attended a period of personal, one on one training with Joe at his Tech Center in Tennessee where I learned exactly which modifications are needed to produce the maximum street useable power from our beloved V Twins. Others trained at Joe's workshop include engineers from Ford, Oldsmobile, Chevrolet , Honda, Victory and Harley Davidson to name but a few. Countless records were set at drag strips across the USA in all classes using Mondello heads and Joe's combustion chamber designs can still be found in today's racing heads. Joe had been porting cylinder heads for 60 years when he passed away in April 2011. This exclusive education combined with top quality materials and machining capabilities means that this level of performance is now available for you here in the UK.

Cylinder Head Services

My valve seat cuts are performed on a state of the art Mira VGX-21 machine which generates perfectly concentric seats every time. The heads are mounted on a custom built mount specific to Harley valve geometry - the only one of its kind in existence. I design my own seat angle profiles and every seat is tested with a Mira vacuum pump to ensure a perfect gas tight seal.

General Engine Services

I use and supply parts from the following manufacturers:

Andrews Cams
Power Vision Dealer logo
Cycle-rama inc.

High Performance Components, Engine Modifying and Testing Services

I don't port cylinder heads from cars or any other engine and you won't find shelves laden with chrome aftermarket parts here. I use only genuine Andrews and Harley Davidson components in my roller chain conversion which eliminates the infamous 1999 to 2006 cam chain tensioner problems. To handle the extra torque, I supply the superb Energy One line of performance clutch systems and to bring all these modifications together I can offer top quality gaskets that cover big bore kits, cam system, clutch and cylinder head replacement. I offer a level of personal service rarely found today and many of my customers have become friends who are willing to give testimonials about the quality of my work and the results. Every operation here is performed by myself using manual machinery hence turnaround times on heads is generally around two weeks depending on my work load.

Heads Above the Rest

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