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Valve seals fitted to early shovels Combustion pressure restored New seats fitted
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Shovel Head

Shovel Head Shovel Head Shovel Head Shovel Head

Over the years I’ve taken on various refurbishment work on Shovel cylinder heads. Due to the dimensions and casting quality of the ports, this is not a performance oriented service. However due to the age and condition of most Shovel castings there will be improvements in this area once the seat angles are concentric to the valves and are sealing efficiently. I can replace valves, valve guides, springs and seats and also perform multi angle and radiused valve jobs to ensure a gas tight seal. I do not do any port work on these castings – the ports are far too big as they are.
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Iron Head

Iron Head Iron Head Shovel Head

As with the Shovel head work the services applicable to Iron Head Sportster heads are restorative rather than performance oriented. The most common problem with these heads is that the valve seating areas have recessed into the head which causes excessive valve stem protrusion leading to very weak spring pressure. As Iron Head valves seat directly on to the casting, the solution to this problem is to fit modern seat inserts which can be machined with a multi angle profile. Valves and guides can be replaced as required to keep these engines running efficiently.
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