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This is where I list any complete Twin Cam engines that I have for sale. I do not sell stock engines – everything here has been stripped, inspected and all of the critical components have been replaced with performance items. These high output engines are a direct bolt in to your existing frame and will mount up to your existing transmission.

Engines for sale or part-exchange

All of the details for each engine are listed and the new owner will receive a file containing detailed build photos. I offer a £1000 part exchange service for your running Twin Cam engine irrespective of cosmetic condition (no excessive mechanical noise or broken fins) once security checks have been completed. A fitting service is available which means you ride your bike home with the new engine fitted, broken in and dyno tuned if required. Contact me for more details and fitting costs. If you buy an engine and fit it yourself remember that all of these engines have new pistons, rings and bores and as such will need to be heat cycled and then the correct ring break in and oil change procedure must be followed to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

Currently I have no performance built engines available but there are more coming soon. Watch this space!

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