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Economical Package for Evo Motors Bring High Mileage Engines Back to Life Freshen Up Your Evo
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Evo Head Work

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This is an economical package for Evo motors which gives a significant torque increase. On a level with the Twin Cam Street Port this service is designed with mild bolt-in cams in mind up to 0.510inch lift, such as the Andrews EV13, EV23, EV27, EV31, EV3, EV38, EV46 and EV51. The Evo heads have very large ports as stock and flow more than the earlier Twin Cams. Because of these port dimensions, extensive grinding work is not required for the cam choices mentioned above. This service consists of bowl blending work and replacing the stock valves with high flow racing grade stainless 1.9 inch intake and 1.61 inch exhausts while retaining the stock springs and guides. A multi angle performance valve job is performed with a radius on the exhaust and then the combustion chamber is diamond cut to set the compression to match the cam.

Price £400
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