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2006-Present Twin Cam engines including CVO models

The Twin Cam engine has been produced in two displacement variations since the redesign for the 2007 model year - 96 and 103 cubic inches. For those of you with a 96 who are looking for more power you can either move up to a 103 or a 110 inch engine. The 103 inches displacement option is achieved by boring your existing cylinders and fitting 3.875” pistons and is a great choice if on a budget. Alternatively we can go straight to the Screamin Eagle bolt on kits which can used to upgrade any 2007 onwards Twin Cam to 110 cubic inches without any major crankcase machining work. The same principle applies to all 110 inch CVO engines which can now be upgraded to 117 inches. When combined with a performance camshaft profile and cylinder head work this is a massive increase in torque and horsepower. Here are some options to wake up your Twin Cam.

96 inch motors

Package One - £715

Cam Change Only

Package Two - £1405

103 inch upgrade and cam change

Package Three - £2395

110 inch upgrade and cam change

103 inch motors

Package One - £715

Cam Change Only

Package Two - £2395

110 inch upgrade and cam change

Remember that once the big bore kit is fitted, your engine still has cylinder heads that were designed for use with 96 cubic inches of displacement. Having these heads worked to match the increased cylinder capacity is essential to get the best out of these 103 and 110 kits. Options are detailed on the Head Work page and tuning is on the next page.

CVO 110 motors

Package One - £715

Cam Change Only

Package Two - £2575

117 inch upgrade and cam change

These 117 inch conversions retain the original CVO 110 heads which require only minor work to provide exceptional performance. Details are in the Twin Cam section of the Head Work page. A larger throttle body such as the SE 58mm is advised for high HP builds.

1999-2006 engines

The original 88 inch Twin Cam is still a great base on which to build a strong performing street bike with pre 2003 engines having the additional advantage of a stronger crankshaft support mechanism. Because of this feature the early crankshafts are often capable of supporting gear driven cams which provide precise valve timing and maintenance free long term operation. Due to tightening emission controls around the start of the Twin Cam production in the late nineties the stock cylinder heads and cams present some hurdles which must be overcome when planning performance modifications. Although performance increases can be achieved with the stock 88 inch displacement they are limited due to the available compression being restricted. With this in mind the following options feature a 95 inch displacement engine achieved by boring your existing cylinders to match new 3.875” diameter pistons. This will deliver outstanding results which will transform the power output of your engine. There are performance options for customers that would prefer to stay with the 88 inch engine, just contact me for more information.

95 inch performance builds

Package One - £1400

95 inch upgrade and cam change

Package Two - £1980

95 inch upgrade and gear driven cam conversion.

Package Three - £2180

95 Inch upgrade and hydraulic drive conversion

Head work is essential to get the best out of these 95 inch builds due to the limitations of the 1999 - 2006 cylinder heads. Call me to discuss the most suitable service for your build.

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