I supply and use exclusively Dynojet products for EFI tuning – either the Power Commander 5 in conjunction with a Dynojet 250i dynamometer or the Power Vision flash tuner for either narrow or wide band auto tune sessions. Both of these options provide an individual custom built fuel and timing map which is essential for any performance built engine. Cylinder head work creates additional airflow which in turn demands additional fuel in order to run at maximum efficiency and operating temperature. This is not just a one size fits all canned software download as you are sold at the dealers, this is a map designed in real time on the dyno or on the road whilst monitoring and correcting the air/fuel ratio of your engine so that you get the very best out of it. I can provide the full custom mapping service that the dealerships cannot. The final tune can make a substantial difference to the power output and engine life. At the very best you are losing out on power from your new build and the worst case is potential engine damage due to overheating. Engines have been destroyed by running without air/fuel ratio correction after porting work. Contact me for more information.